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I am headed for an adventure myself this weekend of which I will post next week. Until then, here is a snippet from RP’s latest and to-date the greatest blog post ever. Read the full post below:

…I got off my rock and gave chase as quickly as I could, which was not quick. The fish was still peeling off backing. I could see a soft eddie a quarter mile away where I maybe stood a chance of catching up, if a million bits of good luck came into play between now and then. I was breathing and sweating heavily, athletically.Trying to keep ballance as I trod over the boulders, my eyes darted between my feet, reel, rod tip and river. At one point I looked up briefly at the river downstream. At that moment, from the crest of the highest wave in the rapid, the fish skied straight out, it’s head a pivot point as it’s tail arched up and over,. Silver. I smiled to myself there in that little place.”

For the entire adventure, please visit: The Big Pull:  Yokanga, Notes From

Yokanga Atlantic Salmon | Photo: R. Peterson

Yokanga Atlantic Salmon | Photo: R. Peterson

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Check out Ryan P’s latest posts fishing for Atlantic Salmon bankside on the Ponoi, Kola Peninsula:

Amid a stark, powerful riverscape, we casted and caught many fresh summer run Ponoi Atlantic salmon. After catching and releasing two small bright fish on consecutive casts, I made a third cast that swung a double-hooked Cascade through the same water. Ruslan was stoked that we’d found a pod of fresh fish and suggested I keep casting into the same pool cause there might be another and another. The Cascade swung through and – hold on, I have to explain something: So Atlantics like the fly moving much faster than steelhead. They hold in faster water AND they like the fly moving even faster. So you either don’t mend, thus creating a belly that rips the fly across, or if the water is slower, you actually throw a downstream mend to create same effect. With such a big belly, the grabs often feel quite slow, like a silver salmon, just a slow and steady pppppuuuuuuuuuuulllll…”

Check it out from ‘Ponoi Day 0’ and work your way upwards: http://thebigpull.wordpress.com/

Ponoi Pull

Ponoi Pull | Photo courtesy of Ryan Peterson

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